Cabin Party 2019

 In support of Survive & Thrive Cancer Programs
Eat. Drink. Play.
Cabin Party?!
Thats Right!! CABIN PARTY!! Ditch the kids and relive all the nostalgia of your childhood Camp experiences with a day of fun activities and an evening of partying with your friends. And the best part, all the proceeds go directly to helping young adult cancer survivors make the rest of their life, the best of their life!
Activities Include:
Locked Room 
High Ropes Course
Craft Cabin
A Giant 100 Foot Swing!!
Nature Hike
Group Games 
Extreme Bocce
Climbing Wall 

… and of course a late night Cabin Party at a 70 year old trappers cabin in the woods!
There will be food and drink (alcoholic as well as that coloured sugar water stuff that you get to drink at camp!!) available throughout the day, and a detailed agenda and activity descriptions are provided below. This will definitely fill up quick, so grab some friends, register ASAP to get your own room of bunkbeds, and get ready for some good ol’ fashioned camp fun!
Special Thanks to Jeff and Kim Howard and Kinsted Wealth for sponsoring the 2019 Cabin Party. Their sponsorship ensures that 100% of the money you will pay for this event will go directly towards helping young adult cancer survivors!!
The Deets
9am Saturday, April 13 to 10am Sunday, April 14th

Minimum $150/person (includes bed, food, all activities. Does not include alcohol which will be available for purchase)… but make sure to bring extra CASH for Bingo, Raffles, and drinks. Every dollar will go to helping young adult cancer survivors not just survive, but thrive!

Camp Kindle, Box 280, 29479 Range Road 6.1 A
Water Valley, AB T0M 2E (MAP below). You are responsible for your own transportation to/from Camp Kindle. It is approx. 1.5hr drive from Calgary.

Activity Registration: 
You will sign up for three activities when you arrive at the registration table ON APRIL 13TH. So, make sure that you and your friends arrive early to get the activities you want!

NOTE: This even is Adults (18+) Only.
Saturday, April 13
9:00-10:00 am - Registration
10:00-10:30 am - Opening Ceremonies 
10:30 am-12:30 pm - Activity Block 1
12:00-1:30 pm - Lunch
1:30-3:30 pm - Activity Block 2
3:30- 5:30 pm - Activity Block 3
6:00-7:00 pm - Dinner 
7:00-7:30pm - S&T Cancer Programs Pres.
7:30 pm - Free time/BINGO/Camp Fire
7:45-8:30 pm - Get Nerdy with Mike - Learn about the Science Behind S&T’s Programs
9:00 pm - Late Night Cabin Party/Camp Fire

Sunday, April 14
7:30-8:30 am - Yoga
8:00-9:30 am - Breakfast
9:30 am - Closing Group Activity
10 am - Pack up and Take off...
Still Reading!? Here is some more info then...
Want to bunk with your friends? 
Camp Kindle has two-bed, four-bed, 12- & 16-bed rooms. If you are on your game and register early, you can book an entire 2- or 4-bed room just for your crew! You will be asked about your bunk requests on the registration page, but we will have both co-ed and female/male only options available if you can't wrangle enough friends to fill your own room. 

Where do I go to the bathroom?

Camp Kindle has all the amenities of home which includes flush toilets in beautiful new bathrooms. No porta-potties in the woods here! You can learn more about the camp facilities here:

Why do I need to bring extra Cash again?
Alcohol will be available to purchase with CASH only!! All drinks will be $5. 100% of all the alcohol proceeds go directly to Survive & Thrive due to the generous support of our sponsors!! You will also need cash to participate in BINGO and raffles. 
Tell me more about the organization that the money is going to...
Survive & Thrive Cancer Programs has been offering supportive programs for YA cancer survivors since 2009. We provide local activities, free retreats, and adventure trips designed to help young adults decrease feelings of social isolation, become more physically active, and rebuild their lives in a way that is meaningful for them. We want all young adult cancer survivors and their supporters to make the rest of their life, the best of their life!  You can learn more about Survive & Thrive's programs by visiting: